Friday, September 10, 2010

The Renga Poem, "Nature" written by the Poetry Workshop members

1) Bill: Trees with leaves and trunks
Extinct animas die slow
Evolution starts
2) Martha: The whispering wind visits
The raging rain pays a call
3) Peter: Rain is falling hard
On the already drenched ground,
People looking mopped.
4) Bob: Rains—winds—endless Oh! Surprise—
Walk to subway—sun—miracle!
5) Roz: Beauty of the springtime
After a bitter winter
Leaves, flowers galore
6) Claude: Driving force of wind and rain
No birds fly nor beasts walk
7) Paul: In my lifetime I
Want to do all that I can
For creation
8) Rafaella:Loving, feeling, seeing eyes
Glowing; flowing rivers cleanse
9) Dena: Let it rain on down
The heavens will open up
Rainbows in the sky
10) Kathy: When will this rain ever stop
So I can go out and shop!
11) Amanda: Rain keeps on pouring
The sky a furious gray
Changes every day.

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