Friday, September 10, 2010

Lesson 8, 6-21-10, Tanka

Barnes & Noble Poetry Workshop Monday June 21st, 2010 (**Please join us next time, July 19th 2010 7:30pm**)
The Haiku that that wanted something more…
Tanka is a classical Japanese form of poetry that contrary to popular belief, came BEFORE the more popular Haiku. Tanka, like a Haiku, is generally focused on nature and emotion. Some call it the Haiku with a couplet at the end, because it basically is just that!
• Keep the 1st line 5 syllables
• Keep the 2nd line 7 syllables
• Keep the 3rd line 5 syllables
• And for the couplet (the last 2 lines in this case) each line must be 7 syllables.
• The Tanka poem is 5 lines long but written with a line-space so it is broken into 2 stanzas

If you really like a challenge:
• Try not to end every line with a single syllable word (such as: the, me, I, and…etc)
• Avoid rhyming the last word of each line with other lines (no end-rhyming)
• Try to write 2 Tanka poems and combine them as a 4 stanza-10 line poem!
An Example:
EXAMPLE from :

Line 1: Invisible hands
Line 2: caress my face; have I walked
Line 3: through a spider's web
Line 4: woven this morning to catch
Line 5: flies writhing with my surprise

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