Monday, October 25, 2010

Poems by: Robert “Bob” Trabold © Copyright 2010

Poems by: Robert “Bob” Trabold © Copyright 2010


It was so many years ago – student

in Paris – visited Le Louvre Museum –

entered the door – climbed marble

staircase – lightening – beauty strike me-

a statue!

Vibrant – moving – thrust

into action – winged victory –

its age? – thousand of years

have not fatigued its force.

I stood in wonder – I stand in

wonder still today – captivated

by its stunning energy – poster on the

wall repeats original dazzle in my eyes.

Same feelings vibrate within me -

wonder – awe as in the 1950’s –

repeating the lightening I felt as I climbed

marble staircase.

I have lived with the poster

for so many years –

they say – things of beauty are everlasting –

could be true! Statue may

disappear – poster too –

but I can still feel

its lightening – beauty touching – captivating me.



Soft touch – gentle head

bows – touches baby’s face.

Mother’s eyes – deeply mysterious –

looking into eternity.

Baby looking up – holding on to mom –

mother’s head – covered with black shawl –

dropping down – golden background –

light from heaven – shot through with divinity!

I am touched – feel quiet beauty

wrapping around me –

washing me in mystery –

touches of the divine –

the Beloved!

Mother’s eyes reach me –

include me in her meditation.

She wants me to stay quiet –

not run away.

Mother loves me too – taking me

by the hand - leads me to her son.

I feel delirious – ecstasy in my eyes.

Mystery overwhelms me – radiance

of Russian icon tells me –

“You are loved!” – “do not worry!”

Mystery of the mother is beyond

me – but her eyes watch me –

holding me – taking me by the hand –

until my journey ends.

Poems by: Robert “Bob” Trabold © Copyright 2010


Tilman Riemenschneider, Sculptor

Finely chiseled face – mouth – curly hair –

dreaming – gazing – questioning –

Adam – dazzled look – asking –

I am here – but where am I going?

standing next to Eve – his companion –

another mystery.

Adam began his journey – on earth –

in life – mountains tops.

He walked – tripped – picked

himself up. He never lost that

dazzled look – life amazed him –

kept dazzled look he had

at creation.

He asked questions – not many answers

were forth coming – some helpful – others

not. Such is life!

Life is dazzling – so many

events – boat on rough seas.

My life is the same –

have to remember – someone put me

here – just like Adam.

He looked dazzled – trip

of life is beyond us – we are not

in control . But we know the Lord loves

us – will not let our hand go.

So we look dazzled like Adam –

walking into mystery – holding on to

a hand – hand of God.



My Little Kids

I laugh – box of wild firecrackers

red –pink –yellow-

purple – orange – white –

portulacas – show offs.


Pink Daisies

I wake up – sleepy – bright sunshine -

surprise – laughing

pink daisies – tall –

sparkling – swaying – dancing – happy.


Last Black Eyed Suzies

I feel cool breeze – autumn knocks –

pink phlox fading -

garden slows – but

black eyed suzies – yellow – bright!

Poems by: Robert “Bob” Trabold © Copyright 2010

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